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Mature couple eating a salad

“You are what you eat”. You often associate this saying with body weight, but did you know the food you eat also affects your mood?

Each day we are bombarded with the stresses of life; coming from work, people, even family! Stress impacts our mood, and it’s when we feel pulled in different directions; we often reach for unhealthy, convenience foods.

One of the best ways of coping with stress and boosting mood is to keep your energy levels balanced and mind positive. This is when eating a healthy diet helps.


A good way is to eat foods that the body absorbs slowly as this helps to keep your blood sugar level balanced and can also help your mood stay balanced.

Slow-digesting foods include whole-grain products like mueslis, porridge, brown rice, hummus and lentils. Try to combine eating complex carbohydrates (whole-grain foods) with lean protein.

What to avoid:

Foods such as white breads, sugars and those that are high fat and high salt are absorbed quickly and cause blood sugar levels to spike within the hour you eat them. This is quickly followed by a sudden crash in energy.

After an energy crash, you start to feel tired, get hungry again and end up reaching for a convenient snack like a chocolate bar or biscuits and as a result, push yourself toward another blood sugar crash.

And the good news:

You’ll find by eating healthy and balanced meals, you not only help to keep your mood in check, but it does wonders for managing your weight. Bonus!

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