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Please enter your nearest postcode in order to locate a challenge near you. Once you have found one or more challenges, please select the one you would like to join. Your local coach will then be in touch with you shortly. If you are unable to locate a challenge nearby, click here to contact Herbalife direct.

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10 facts on the Weight Loss Challenge

  1. 01 -  Challenges run throughout the country
  2. 02 -  Meetings work for both men and women
  3. 03 -  Herbalife coaches have lost weight through the Challenge
  4. 04 -  Weekly meetings are fun and dynamic. You don’t have to talk if you don’t want to
  5. 05 -  Challenges are group-based and fun (We have to re-iterate this twice!)
  6. 06 -  Weigh-ins are always confidential
  7. 07 -  It is a one-off cost is to join the Challenge. Purchase of products is not necessary
  8. 08 -  There are cash prizes for the top achievers
  9. 09 -  You will receive tips on healthy and fun meal plans, and good nutrition
  10. 10 -  The Challenge will not take up much of your weekly time